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Hotel Großglockner – Wanderhotel Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Taurerwirt Friendship Week

05.01. bis 12.01.

7 nights

€ 742,- per person    >>

70 years »Taurer Snack Bar«


The origin of the Taurerwirt tradition
As early as 1760 the word "Tauerer" was first documented. The origin of today‘s „Taurerwirt“ hotel name thus lies in the proud mountain range of the Kals Tauern. Early on builders and merchants from Kals travelled the path from Kals to Salzburg to take salt, flour and sugar into the valley.

Kals was also a popular destination for tourists as a base for climbing the Glockner and Granatspitz Group. In 1870 200 English guests were already counted here. Following the economic slump due to World War I, tourism saw a renewed upturn in the 1930‘s. The Rogl family was already accommodating guests and travellers in their hayloft at that time. In 1935 the decision was made to abandon the hay beds in favour of establishing a "Taurer Snack Bar". The mill and workshop were converted and equipped with a dining room, kitchen and four guest rooms for "summer visitors". The opening and first takings of 570 Schilling could be celebrated in 1937. The new snack bar had to be closed the following year due to the outbreak of World War Two.

Following the end of the war, Josef and Simon Rogl, with the help of the entire family, realised their common dream of a new lodging business. Thus the farmhouse that was moved into in 1948 and is still used today, was built.


50 years of Hotel Taurerwirt

It is now 70 years ago that Josef and Simon Rogl opened the Taurer Snack Bar. This had to be closed temporarily due to the outbreak of World War II. The aims of our forefathers were the same after the war ended however.
The snack bar was too small for the busy establishment however and the brothers decided to build a new, more spacious farmhouse.
In the year of its opening – 1948 – our father, Peter Rogl, was born as the first of ten children.
Numerous guests came to pretty Kals during the period of economic recovery in the 1950‘s and were admitted and treated warmly at Taurer.
Soon even the farmhouse no longer offered sufficient space for the many visitors.
A foundation was therefore dug with pickaxe and shovel. The foundations for a new future were laid thereby and one year later, in autumn 1958, the hotel‘s celebratory opening took place.
18 guest beds, one dining room with 140 seats and a sun terrace now provided holidaymakers and walkers with new comfort.

14 years later the hotel was expanded for the first time. Under the management of our father, another six construction phases were to follow.

In 1973, Peter Rogl married his beloved wife Paula and took over the family business with her.
Supported by his wife Paula, their four children, Christina, Sigi, Simone and Christoph and their staff, the hotel has been renovated from scratch over the last thirty years. The feel good comfort of our guests and high quality of all details was always the priority therein. Peter‘s enthusiasm and hospitality along with his affinity with nature was and is noticeable within the hotel and makes many of our guests loyal friends of the hotel.
As a longstanding fellow of the tourism committee, the Großglockner mountain railway supervisory body, parish council and vice-mayor and partner of the Hohe Tauer National Park, Peter Rogl contributed to the development of Kals and the region significantly.
In spring 2007 we had to accompany our husband and father on his last journey far too soon. We were able to learn a great deal from him and we want to continue to preserve his values into the future.
We are really sorry he can not be with us for the 50th anniversary. Like us he would be so proud looking back over our successful history and would look forward to future challenges and experiences.


20 years

»Teischnitztal Hydroelectric Plant«


An affinity with nature and environmental awareness have always been a huge concern for our family. As genuine members of the "European Hiking Hotels" we have also committed ourselves to these values.
Thus in 1988 we constructed the Teischnitztal hydroelectric plant. The numerous waterfalls and noisy mountain streams have not only provided new power and energy while hiking but are used by us directly. Hotel Taurerwirt is supplied with the power generated and the power is sometimes fed into the public supply network.
Two years ago the power plant was expanded and now generates an output of 1.2MW. We are very proud of being able to actively implement our nature-affiliated philosophy even in this area and of thereby making a valuable contribution to environmental protection.


Josef RoglSimon Rogl in the age of 37 years (1946)Jausenstation 1948Peter Rogl and his mother Magdalena (early 1950's)Autumn 1958In autumn 1958, the hotel‘s celebratory opening took place. (18 guest beds)Bar in 1958April 1962Postcard Peter and Paula celebrating silver wedding in June 1998In front of a gallery in December 19871988: Construction of the power plant1988: Construction of the power plantThe power plant generates an output of 1.2 MW.