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Hotel Großglockner – Wanderhotel Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Taurerwirt Friendship Week

05.01. bis 12.01.

7 nights

€ 742,- per person    >>

Familie Rogl –
passionate hosts

As a family business, we maintain a very personal level of contact with our guests and know all about their preferences. We also know from our own experience how important each and every day of your holiday is. We are therefore very anxious to make your holiday in Taurerwirt both eventful and as relaxing as possible. We are passionate hosts who put our heart and soul into our work.

Paula Rogl is our mum and the soul of the hotel. You will meet her in reception, in the dining room and in summer, mostly in her herb garden. She will also happily guide our guests to a romantic evening walk in the Dabaklamm too however.
Christina Gratz has fully inherited her passion for herbs from our mum. In any case she can barely wait for summer to make soothing ointments and oils from the region‘s superb mountain herbs.
Sigi Rogl is master of the kitchen and as a passionate hunter and fisherman, also sometimes provides the kitchen with supplies himself.
Simone Rogl works on reception and in the office. Like everyone else in the family, she loves extended tours in the heavenly Kals mountain environment. Her greatest passion however is hunting. She therefore knows lots of amazing routes and climbs.
Christoph Rogl – our youngest, has now completed his education. We are delighted that he has returned home and is helping us with the business. He now dashes about the dining room again and can hardly wait for the fly fishing season to start.
Son-in-law Martin Gratz (Christina‘s husband) is a passionate musician. He loves the mountains. He will happily accompany you on the most amazing excursions at any time of year. He is currently attending a course to become a nature guide.